With PennDOT directly responsible for approximately 40,000 roadway miles and 25,400 bridges in Pennsylvania, maintaining our transportation network takes strong partnership among the department, federal and local governments, planning partners and our communities.

In addition to the state’s highways and bridges, a robust menu of travel and commerce options like aviation, transit and rail facilities are also essential to keeping people and goods moving.

This Projects page demonstrates Pennsylvanians’ investments in the network serving them. You can see active construction projects that are underway, beginning this year or being bid this year on the Construction Projects section. The Act 89 Progress section indicates the status of project commitments made possible by the state’s transportation funding plan that was signed into law in November 2013.

Projects are identified through a rigorous planning process that maps out our investments over four year and twelve year increments. The Four & Twelve Year Plans section shows you highway, bridge, transit and aviation projects identified on our 2021-24 Transportation Improvement Program as well as our Twelve Year Plan.

You can view bridge information and condition ratings for state and locally owned bridges using the Bridge Conditions map.

To view news and traffic alerts from a PennDOT region near you, visit the applicable district’s page. If you would like to report a concern on state-owned road conditions, construction projects, signs or signals, or other topics related to state roads, please visit our Customer Care Center.